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Whiteknights Consult Ltd are one of the leading Dilapidations Surveyor specialists in Uganda who act for a variety of tenants and landlords in all aspects of dilapidations and leasehold repair matters.

We have developed a proactive approach to advising on dilapidations, and when acting for either landlords or tenants we have adopted a fresh approach, which ensures compliance with the Dilapidations Protocol and aims to avoid unnecessary costs and reach a settlement without the need for a protracted dispute or a legal claim.

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A Dilapidations survey is a highly detailed survey and report into the current condition of a building, from the physical structure and systems to issues involving furnishings and general wear and tear. They are generally undertaken during a tenancy Term or towards the end of a tenancy.
We can offer advice on the various issues arising from leasing a property from ensuring your liabilities for a new lease are minimised through to providing Expert Witness advice on claims which have fallen into dispute. Our Team of specialist Building Surveyors throughout Uganda will act for a variety of corporate clients in all sectors, together with private Landlords.
Whether acting for a Landlord or Tenant we consider it essential to consider dilapidations at an early stage and develop a strategic approach to any situation to ensure strength and weaknesses are known and managed and a suitable strategy developed for each situation.

It is important to fully understand the Lease/tenancy and other documents applicable to each claim and fully understand our client’s business aims which run parallel to any dilapidations issue.

We can offer advice in respect of potential dilapidations under an existing Lease when a company is being acquired or an existing Lease assigned. We also provide regular advice in respect of interim dilapidations which occur during a Lease.

Whether you are a Landlord concerned over your Tenants lack of maintenance of your property or a Tenant who considers their Landlord is claiming unrealistic works, we can advise on the obligations under the Lease, what legal protection is in place and develop a strategy to agree a suitable outcome.

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