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We’ll focus on the function and co-ordination of your space.
You focus on business.

White Knights Properties and Facilities Management is dedicated to the co-ordination of and functionality of space thus letting you focus on your core business.

In addition to being property management agents for a portfolio of blue-chip corporate and industrial property buildings, White Knights is one of the few Properties and Facilities Management companies responsible for the day-to-day operation and care of prestigious education institutions and world-class sports stadia.

Properties and Facilities Management enables clients control expenditure while improving service delivery. It allows property owners to focus on what they do best, leaving the management of non-core support and associated services to the property specialists

The value we
add to facilities management

The value we add to facilities management

  • Measurable and accountable service levels benchmarked to international best practice in facility management
  • Computer-assisted Properties and Facilities Management systems
  • Transparent procurement through market independence
  • Advanced energy assessment, monitoring and management systems
  • Adherence to occupational health, safety and security standards
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Single point of Properties and Facilities Management contact
  • Simple amalgamated invoicing
  • Reduced administration load
  • Specialised consulting services

Consider outsourcing your Properties and Facilities Management to White Knights

Some issues to consider when outsourcing

  • Business focus – what is your business focus and do non-core activities detract from it?
  • Cost clarity – do you totally understand everything that makes up your operating costs?
  • Staff capabilities – are you able to hire and retain suitably qualified staff to carry out the wide variety of functions in a modern building, school or stadium?
  • Service culture – does your staff have the required service culture to perform in current operating environments?
  • Subcontracts – what existing service agreements do you have?
  • Outsourcing model – what arrangements suit your type of operation?
  • Risk control – do you have access to specialists with the correct knowledge?

Properties and Facilities Management for the corporate environment

  • Turnkey outsourced management, facilitating improved core-business delivery
  • Formalisation of win-win fee structures – we work with you to calculate the best model to suit your exact needs
  • Management of relationship-building with different departments
  • Becoming an integral part of the client’s team and business by managing their expectations
  • Managing a national environment with different business units and cost centres
  • Space planning and asset tracking
  • Fleet management and courier services
  • Risk management of the business-critical computer centre
  • Hard and soft-service provider management

Properties and Facilities Management for schools

  • Maintenance of boarding facilities and staff housing- Project management of expansions
  • Coordination of all school events and compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Management and logistical coordination of all sporting events
  • High-volume usage of all facilities
  • Maintenance of all sporting facilities
  • Conservation programmes for the upkeep of grounds and other key facilities
  • Management coordinated around peak times
  • Water-treatment plants and swimming pools

Properties and Facilities Management for sports

  • Maintenance and conservation programmes for the upkeep of grounds and other key facilities
  • Action plans for event operations and emergency procedures
  • Management and coordination of corporate hospitality
  • Working with international sporting bodies regarding legislative requirements
  • Working with the host broadcaster for audio and visual feeds

Working with various security-service providers, particularly for international teams

The value we
add to Properties management

Go with a proven record

How you manage your property today has a great impact on its value tomorrow. This is a concept that White Knights fully understands, and it underpins how we manage your property portfolio. No other independent service provider has White Knights’ expertise and track record when it comes to property management in Uganda.

We deliver superior returns – something that we’ve consistently achieved even in tough market conditions. That’s why some of Africa’s largest portfolios, both listed and private are entrusted to us.

White Knights Property Group’s commitment to proactive portfolio-based property management through planned building life-cycle maintenance, utilities management and use of technology is focused entirely on unlocking the true potential and long-term value of clients’ properties.

Underpinning our work is a commitment to knowledge-based results and our in-house Research Department separates White Knights from other property management companies.

Our proactive approach has resulted in our becoming one of the leading service providers in this growing and highly competitive sector.

We have a proven combined track record spanning over 10 years.

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